Cambridge Imprint make patterned paper, stationery and homeware with a sophisticated palette and a distinctively English sensibility. Our papers are printed in clear, intense, beautiful colours, and draw on a range of influences from Bloomsbury and the Arts and Crafts movement to mid-century modernism. Our signature simplicity and directness of mark is paired with meticulous attention to quality of colour and detail. Made in England.

Shop here for patterned paper, notebooks, albums, cards, boxes, labels and portfolios in our original designs.

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We will ship internationally.

This year we have been collaborating with the small but perfectly formed Ditchling Museum of Art+Craft to create, or recreate, patterns based on motifs in their archive of St Dominic’s Press material. The collection launches on October 19th to coincide with the opening of the Museum’s St Dominic’s Press exhibition, Disruption, Devotion and Distributism.