Happy Accidents

We had new papers on the press this week. One design was a project we’ve been waiting to carry out for a long time. “Fish” was one of our very first designs. We made it into a mug:

And we made it into a card:

Cambridge Imprint Card Fish Acid Yellow

But always in the back of our minds we remembered how all the colour trials we first made looked laid out next to one another, and we pondered:

The long term goal is to turn this into a fabric of many colours. But as we are just now getting to grips with printing our first textiles, in single colours, that might be a way off. In the meantime, we decided to make a paper printed in three colours (our most complicated paper to date), and this week it rolled off the press:

And we are very pleased with it. The process has thrown up even more food for thought, however: while running the colours in some random overprinting created this incredibly happy accident:

We have to do something with it, but what exactly? Watch this space.